Court of hearts


Court Of Hearts is another fun take on the classic theme. The basic set up is very familiar: the audience is sitting around a table, the player on the screen spins the reels and the audience hears what they (the player) are saying. The scenes and the background are all right in a nice traditional themed setting, but there is one important thing that makes Court Of Hearts a unique, fun casino game: it’s all about luck. In this article I’m going to tell you why this game is so exciting.

Let’s face it; casino slot games are not exactly known for their staying power. Some of them do okay, but many revolve around the same basic theme: get as many hearts into the air as possible. That theme is not just in play here though. It permeates the entire game. Everything is set up so that when you sit down at the machine to start playing, you can’t help but be thinking about how lucky you are to be playing this particular slot machine.

Court Of Hearts starts out just like any other slot machine game you’ve played before. The reels start spinning and the player gets to pick one of eight symbols from a hat (the hat has ten points). The first symbol picked is the “low card”. This means that the player will get one point, but only if that person chooses the low card among all the other symbols in the hat. The “high card” symbolises a win and will give the player double the points.

This is just one of the twists in Court Of Hearts, which adds a whole new dimension to the game. When the high cards are picked, a special kind of volatility happens in the game. Instead of being more predictable, the volatility changes with every pick. The second high card is worth three points, the third symbol adds four, and so forth. This makes winning the game much more difficult, and this is exactly what the designers, Antony and Giles, who developed this very unique casino game, we’re trying to achieve.

The “bonus feature” is the main reason why this online version of the game is enjoying great popularity these days. The bonus feature lets players enjoy playing hearts for free, without having to put in any money at all. This is because the online version uses real cash, and the virtual version is given for free as an added feature on the site. So, you basically have the entire casino to yourself and play hearts whenever you want!

A very clever trick the developers used was to add a “second wave” to the bonus features of the game. The first wave offered double the rewards on any of the twelve symbols randomly chosen. You could only play hearts for free during this period. When the second wave came, you simply had to play hearts again, but this time, you got twice the rewards. Players soon began to realize that the casino was giving something of real value away for free, and they didn’t even have to spend a cent to get it.

But there’s still more! After you’ve beaten the computer and the other players, you can visit the “juries room”, where two different challenges await you. The first one requires you to raise a total of forty coins by betting in all the games available. The other challenge gives you the chance to win a white rabbit, which is worth one point.

Winning these two challenges will earn you a place on the leader board, where only the best players will stay. The game is available for free spins at all times, so you can always return and play the games whenever you feel like doing something new and exciting. Moreover, you’ll be treated with a great mystery that will make you want to return to this site. Who knows, maybe after playing the game for some time, you’ll be the next person who wins a fortune! If so, then you will surely need the Court Of Hearts slots, too.

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