3 clown monty


3 Clown Monty is a unique online casino game form, created by Play n Go, wherein of five reels and ten paylines are involved in the game. Through its bland graphics, it captures the simple circus theme wherein three clowns and their attendant, monkey, try their luck at the carnival business from the back of a run down van. This game has similar rules with the normal joker game wherein, players take turns being the joker or try to save the clowns by selecting one among the three. In this game, the player is to say or do something before the time runs out. The objective is still the same: prevent the others from winning.

The mechanics of the game revolve around a fixed set of rules, wherein after hitting the starting line, all actions must be performed with caution. The first action taken after rolling the wheel is placement of a face up “joker” symbol on the play area. This symbol will remain there until the start of each round. The second action taken is to put that same symbol into the middle slot that is lined up with the starting line. Placing the face up symbol onto the appropriate slot results in that same symbol being stuck into the center of the playing field for the remainder of the game’s duration.

Each round involves the player performing three actions while at the same time counting down. Upon reaching the third action button, the game ends and the player can change to any other slot or continue playing as usual. However, if the player wants to end the game right then, they must remove all face-up clowns present on the play area and replace them with new ones. Also, they have to add more than one new face-up clown to the play area to continue playing.

In addition to the regular game play, Miniature Golf is included as one of the bonus rounds. Like the normal game play, all players start out by rolling a standard “A” shaped die. During bonus rounds, this same basic die is replaced with a “B” shaped one. The difference between the normal A and B die is that the second player chooses the number that appears on the dice.

Each round starts off by setting the game stage and choosing a theme for the play. After selecting a theme, players can then place their starting marker on the playing area in preparation for the “A” through “Z” action tokens that will eventually appear on the playing field. The Miniature Golf game also comes complete with a highly collectible and fun figure. This figure is actually a mini golf course, complete with a trellis, penalty box, and miniature trees. Players who participate in the game can place their Miniature Golf ball into the trellis, and if it lands on the correct icon, they win a prize.

Miniature Golf is just one of many games that the “3 Clown Monty” slot machine offers. It is just one of many reasons why this machine is so popular. Even with the poor reception the trademark “clown monty” sound effect has received from past slot reels, people are still seeking to get their hands on this machine. With a wide variety of casino-style slots and a host of unique characters to choose from, including the popular “miniature golf” cutters, you will not be able to decide which version of “3 Clown Monty” to place your bet on.

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